Monday, October 31, 2005

Daily Update

I've found lots of sites where the word "Yahoo!" has been replaced with "BooYahoo!" Nice work! This was used to replace "Yahoo! Shopping" so it will definitely make an impact to Yahoo!'s bottom line. Feel free to link to here instead, but either way this was a great idea.

I'm sending off the first batch of petitions to Jerry Yang and Yahoo!. Thanks everyone who has signed so far. And thanks for the excellent messages to Yahoo!. If you haven't signed yet, please do so if you are able to boycott some or all of Yahoo!'s services.

Keep spreading the word!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Short and Sweet

For those of you spreading the word about this site. You can now tell people to go to "" We now own the domain and it is redirected here.

A Compromise ...

Some of my best friends have let me know how difficult it is to remove ALL usage of Yahoo! services for people who have used these services for their business. These are compassionate people who care, and they really want to help.

So, I'm suggesting a compromise:

If you have removed some of Yahoo's tentacles, and will not adapt any new Yahoo! services, and have the earnest intent to remove yourself from Yahoo! at some time in the future, then by all means sign the petition.

So even if you switch your IM engine, and use Marketwatch to monitor your stocks, and you are filled with ire at Yahoo! for tarnishing the internet, then please sign the petition. As long as you have eliminated SOME Yahoo! services, and refuse to use any new services, you will be impacting Yahoo!'s bottom line.

Thanks everyone!

Site Updates

I've added some additions to the "Comparable Services" section thanks to a few great suggestions. Keep the suggestions coming!

I placed Shi Tau's picture on the sidebar. Does anyone have any of his poetry translated into English?

The number of petitioners is growing. Remember, this is all about the petition! Those who have signed are leaving great comments. Check them out.

Tip of the Hat to Mobuzz

BooYahoo gets a rather unique plug here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Shi Tao

At last, a picture.

Liu Xiaobo's Open Letter to Jerry Yang

The full text can be read here. Tom Zeller mentioned this article in his editorial, and I must say it is well worth the read.

It's important to know that Liu Xiaobo is a respected voice among advocates of Chinese human rights. He is a man who, after being imprisoned for 7 months without charges and harrassed numerous times by Chinese authorities, continues to openly criticize the Chinese government. He lives in Beijing. This man is the definition of courage.

Here's a quote: "I used to be a customer of your company. But after learning about the case of Shi Tao, I no longer use the two e-mail accounts I have with Yahoo!. I also will never use other Internet products provided by your company, and I will call on all netizens with a good conscience to reject your services until you break off your cooperation with the CCP's net police."

Monday, October 24, 2005

NY Times Article

Tom Zeller Jr. wrote an editorial for today's NY Times that mentions BooYahoo!.

The entire text can be found here.

It's an excellent article. Thank you Tom!