Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Compromise ...

Some of my best friends have let me know how difficult it is to remove ALL usage of Yahoo! services for people who have used these services for their business. These are compassionate people who care, and they really want to help.

So, I'm suggesting a compromise:

If you have removed some of Yahoo's tentacles, and will not adapt any new Yahoo! services, and have the earnest intent to remove yourself from Yahoo! at some time in the future, then by all means sign the petition.

So even if you switch your IM engine, and use Marketwatch to monitor your stocks, and you are filled with ire at Yahoo! for tarnishing the internet, then please sign the petition. As long as you have eliminated SOME Yahoo! services, and refuse to use any new services, you will be impacting Yahoo!'s bottom line.

Thanks everyone!


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