Thursday, December 08, 2005

BooYahoo!'s Guerrilla Marketing Program

I'm happy to announce two things:

1. The BooYahoo! Shop is now open. [EDIT: It is now closed. Yahoo! intervened with CafePress. BooYahoo is now making the T-shirts themselves, but they will only be given away freely. Read on for more details.] The shop consists of Apparel, mugs, and bumper stickers with the BooYahoo! logo on them. Please note that we are selling these items at Cafe Press's costs, and are not getting any profit from them.

2. Regardless, you can win a free "BooYahoo!" t-shirt simply by participating in our guerrilla marketing program! Here's how it works:

a. You figure out a way to prominently display the word "BooYahoo!" somewhere in a public place that can be seen by lots and lots of people (the more the better.)

b. You cannot deface public property, or private property (unless it's your own), or permanently marr any living thing. (Please, no tree carvings. However spray-painting the word on your cow would work, as long it's a very, very popular cow.)

c. Other than that, be creative.

d. Submit your entry by e-mailing a photo (or a sound recording?) of your handiwork to Tell the story of how it came to be, and let me know where you would like your prize mailed, which prize you would like, as well as your shirt size.

e. At the end of the contest the BooYahoo! staff (in other words, I) will send a T-shirt, baby-Doll shirt, sweatshirt, or a mug or bumper sticker if you prefer, to 10 carefully chosen winners. Winners will be chosen based on creativity, effectivity, and the number of eyeballs that see the word "BooYahoo!" The ultimate goal is for people to ask "What the heck does BooYahoo! mean?" Make them curious enough to look it up. Remember to attach some positive feeling to the word. For example, writing the word on a beautiful snowy hillside using your pee would probably attach a negative feeling to the word.

f. Have fun with it. ALL photos will be posted on this site unless they are grossly inappropriate.