Monday, November 14, 2005

Saying Boo to Flickr Too ...

Flicker is one of Yahoo!'s most loved tools. But many people are extending their Boycotts to this as well, as evidenced by "Madjag's" recent addition.

I must admit it is strange to see the "BooYahoo" phrase popping up in so many places. Many thanks Madjag!

While I am not a user of Flickr or any image-hosting services. I did a quick search and found the following links to free image hosting services. I can't recommend them, but you Flickr users might want to check them out:

Let me know your feedback on these (or other) sites please! Thanks :)


Anonymous Madjag said...

Thanks, Jim, since I will need another photo site post-Flickr. Yes, we heard about Shi Tao on Jim Hightower's show on KXCI in Tucson. Every day at 3 pm KXCI, 91.3FM, plays Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now" followed immediately at 4 pm by Hightower Radio. You might want to contact and see if they want to follow up on this event. Keep up the good work, Madjag

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Charles said... host unlimited images (only limited by a 200/month upload)

I initially went to Gmail unable to find a suitable ethical replacement to Yahoo just after the Shi Tao affair went public. But since I've started to switch to this socially/eco friendly site that is directly associated among others to Amnesty-USA.


6:44 AM  
Anonymous free website said...

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