Monday, October 31, 2005

Daily Update

I've found lots of sites where the word "Yahoo!" has been replaced with "BooYahoo!" Nice work! This was used to replace "Yahoo! Shopping" so it will definitely make an impact to Yahoo!'s bottom line. Feel free to link to here instead, but either way this was a great idea.

I'm sending off the first batch of petitions to Jerry Yang and Yahoo!. Thanks everyone who has signed so far. And thanks for the excellent messages to Yahoo!. If you haven't signed yet, please do so if you are able to boycott some or all of Yahoo!'s services.

Keep spreading the word!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another fact about Yahoo, Inc. Watch out if you use "Yahoo Personals". I signed up for just ONE month early last summer (I think it was May or June 2005) and used the service for about five weeks. They sent no message asking me if I wanted to continue on a monthly basis, and began billing every month, without my explicit authorization. Even AFTER I alterted them to this via email, they only replied with requests for more information (my user name, phone number, and the like). I have not been refunded one red cent. This month, in October 2005, they are still billing me US 29 or so per month on my credit card, and I have been unable to stop them. My advice: DO NOT USE THE SERVICE YAHOO PERSONALS. DO NOT GET RIPPED OFF. I suggest you start a blog thread for others to share similar experiences. In my view, they are doing something illegal, and are ripping off online customers. P.M., Toronto, Canada.

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