Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Liu Xiaobo's Open Letter to Jerry Yang

The full text can be read here. Tom Zeller mentioned this article in his editorial, and I must say it is well worth the read.

It's important to know that Liu Xiaobo is a respected voice among advocates of Chinese human rights. He is a man who, after being imprisoned for 7 months without charges and harrassed numerous times by Chinese authorities, continues to openly criticize the Chinese government. He lives in Beijing. This man is the definition of courage.

Here's a quote: "I used to be a customer of your company. But after learning about the case of Shi Tao, I no longer use the two e-mail accounts I have with Yahoo!. I also will never use other Internet products provided by your company, and I will call on all netizens with a good conscience to reject your services until you break off your cooperation with the CCP's net police."


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