Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sign the Petition

The following link will take you to the petition that accompanies our boycott.

Click here.

Pardon the ads, but it's a decent service and it's free.

On a regular basis, BooYahoo! will mail the petition results (and the link) to Yahoo!.


Blogger norrie mAy-welby said...

I am sending this to all Yahoo lists I cam on, and ask others to do the same. Yahoo has colluded with the despotic ChineseCommunistParty, resulting in the jailing of a dissident journalist for ten years, a very long time under the torturers.

I don't see how anyone of conscience could continue to do business with this collaborator of evil (What is evil? It's not a special effect voice in a Hollywood distraction. Neither is it anything to do with gay love, thank you. It is the deprivation of human liberty and the imposition of fear on our lives by authoritarian states or corporations.)

I am currently arranging to move the lists I am owner of to an anarchist IT collective.

Other yahoo list owners, can you please make alternative arrangements? I intend to put an absolute block on yahoo within a month. For myself. "I know not what course others may choose; but as for myself, give me liberty, or give me death." (as Patrick Henry put it in 1775)

Or we can just take the easy way out and do nothing and conspire with those who jail dissidents and murder freedom and human dignity,and blithely trust that somehow we and our children and their children will somehow be immune from the evil empire we allow to flourish.

norrie mAy-welby
may you be well too

7:35 PM  

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