Thursday, December 01, 2005

Next Steps

Apologies for not posting recently, but rest assured that I have not ended the effort. I've been watching the news for anything related, and the news has been relatively quiet. Also, I've been trying to garner some interest in creating a neutral 3rd party organization that would provide legal reviews for all identity requests. These inquiries are coming up dry, unfortunately.

Are there any Lawyers out there who specialize in International Law and need some pro bono work?

Stay tuned for a "BooYahoo!" T-shirt coming soon, and a few interesting ideas on how to market the boycott.


Blogger Dan Raphael said...

Inevitably, most of the news that matters most will be "quiet." For example, our entire household--previously daily, heavy users of Yahoo search and mail--no longer uses them at all. Hopefully, this sort of thing is happening a lot, though it isn't visible. Yahoo sure isn't going to admit there's any problem.

5:31 PM  

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