Tuesday, November 06, 2007

On the Hotseat Again

In February of last year, Yahoo!'s General Counsel Michael Callahan told a government panel he didn't have any knowledge of the facts surrounding why Chinese authorities approached Yahoo China with a request for identifying information about Shi.

Turns out he did.

"... the legal order did, in fact, specify that Shi was suspected of leaking "state secrets."

"He added that he sincerely regretted not updating the committee with that information when, in October of last year, the details of the Chinese government order were finally brought to his attention."

I find it hard to believe he went before a government panel without fully investigating the facts he would be questioned on.

Just more evidence for why we should boycott Yahoo!

UPDATE: Thanks to Helge Kraak, who has assembled quite a bit of footage and research on this topic at his website here, you can view the footage of this hearing in Real Video format. Check out the November 8th update on his site.


Anonymous B the Enemy said...

Thanks for putting that petition up. I was looking for one to compliment the article I just put up about the Human Rights Abuses Yahoo! has contributed to. Keep up the good work.


6:57 PM  

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