Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Welcome to BooYahoo!

Our aim is to get freedom-loving citizens of the internet to discontinue their use of Yahoo! services as a result of their oppressive policies, which resulted in the imprisonment of an innocent journalist in China.

While we are very interested in giving notice to China's human rights abuses, our focus is to preserve global freedom of speech on the internet.

If you decide to take part, please sign the petition.
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Comparable Services

Yahoo! users who discontinue use of that corporation's products may need to replace any of the following services: (suggestions are welcome!)

- Free e-mail
- Instant Messaging
- Internet Search Engine
- Job Searching services (HotJobs is a Yahoo! affiliate.)
- Other Features

The following list provides some alternatives to these services:

Free E-mail

Please note that we are not necessarily recommending any of the following free e-mail providers. Use them at your own discretion. (operated by MSN) (operated by Google)

Instant Messaging

MSN Instant Messenger
AOL Instant Messenger
Jabber (Jabber is a new open-source messaging service. Jabber is not a closed system. Plus, open source is cool!)

Internet Search Engines

Job Searches

HotJobs is a Yahoo affiliate. Other job search engines can be found at the following links. Please note that we are not necessarily recommending any of the following services. Use them at your own discretion.

Financial Reporting

For your stock monitoring, try this:


Other Features

Yahoo! also provides music players, gaming sites, chatrooms, etc. As these services aren’t usually business-critical, we will leave it up to participants to find comparable services on their own.

Sign the Petition

The following link will take you to the petition that accompanies our boycott.

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On a regular basis, BooYahoo! will mail the petition results (and the link) to Yahoo!.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The BY Button

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Why Boycott Yahoo?

The three major Western internet providers in China (Google, MSN, and Yahoo!) have all been complicit with the Chinese government in helping censor the web searches of Chinese citizens. That alone is enough to boycott any of them. But Yahoo! has recently distinguished itself out as the most oppressive American Internet Corporation doing business in China.

Please see the link here for the full story from Reporters Without Borders.

The abbreviated version is as follows: An anonymous Chinese citizen sent out information about how the Chinese government intended to censor information about the 15-year anniversary of the massacre at Tiananmen Square. This person used a Yahoo! e-mail address to do it. The Chinese Secret Police asked Yahoo! to turn over the sender’s identity. Yahoo! claims they did not know the reason why the Chinese government was requesting, and complied with the Chinese Secret Police without argument. They identified Shi Tau, a reporter with The Contemporary Business News in Hunan, who is now serving 10 years in jail.

Jerry Yang, the multi-millionaire who sits at Yahoo!’s helm, told reporters that he had no choice in the matter. He alluded to the safety of his employees in China.

BooYahoo! believes that Yahoo!'s decisions are motivated by a single factor: profit. So it is clear that profits are the only way to provide them with feedback. Yahoo! chose to do business with the dragon, and now the Dragon's profits have apparently enslaved Yahoo!

Every human has certain inalienable rights that are not to be usurped by mere laws of mere governments. Anyone who says the law of the land is the bottom line is thinking like cattle. Yahoo!'s policy of abiding by the laws of whatever country wherein they do business is not a justification to dismantle freedom of speech.

Some people believe that a Western Internet company who is setting up shop in China should be willing to comply with human rights abuses there in order to create a glimmer of hope for the future of freedom and the availability of ideas. This is a dangerous and conveniently profitable deception. In the name of profits, Yahoo! is aiding Chinese oppression and eroding human rights globally. If the outermost tentacle of the internet's reach is poisoned, it must be amputated in order to protect the health of the entire organism. Yahoo! has become poisoned.

If the world of ideas were subject to genetics, freedom of speech would be a recessive gene, while corruption and greed would be dominant. Freedom of speech must be fought for in order to be retained.

It’s time for netizens to exercise their power. It’s time to call for Yahoo! to stop complying with any governmental laws when those laws conflict with basic human rights. By impacting Yahoo!'s profits, we hope to change this policy, and encourage like companies to follow suit.

If Yahoo amends their policy of abiding by oppressive laws, our efforts to boycott them will end.

What about Google and MSN?

Google and MSN have both entered into a complicit agreement with China's oppressive policies. As of the writing of this blog, these two services--to my knowledge--have not yet provided personal information to the Chinese government that has resulted in the carrying out of any draconian measures such as those suffered by Shi Tau.

Therefore, it is the goal of BooYahoo! to focus our attention only on Yahoo! at this time. This may change any day, however.

Based on the policy of these two major internet services in China, Google and MSN may be guilty of the same Human Rights abuses that Yahoo! is currently guilty of. When faced with these decisions, however, Google or MSN may make different choices. People replacing the services may consider using services other than Google or MSN, in case they go the way of Yahoo!.

How to Close your Yahoo! Account

Closing a Yahoo account is not simple. (The don't make it easy.) However, before you do, you should carefully consider what online memberships you have created using your Yahoo! account.

This blog's author had his Yahoo! account for 10 years, and had multiple online memberships. I found it very easy to change my e-mail address on every membership I had.

Also, you may want to consider your use of Yahoo! Instant Messenger. You can easily set up a free IM account using another service. Your Previous Yahoo! IM contacts can still contact you using a hybrid IM service.(See our Comparable Services Link.)

Once you're ready to cancel your Yahoo account, follow these steps:

1. Log into the Yahoo! account you are going to cancel.
2. Click the "mail" link.
3. Click on "My Account" on the upper left.
4. You'll have to re-enter your password.
3. Click on "Edit/Create Profiles" on the right.
4. Scroll down and click on "Read our help pages."
5. In the field at the right, type "How do I close my account?"
6. Scroll down and click the account deletion link.
7. Type in your password at the bottom and click "Yes."

You're done! Thank you for participating.