Wednesday, March 15, 2006

UN Advancements

The United Nations has, in the past, only been as credible as its member countries are. So for the UN to stand up against Human Rights abuses would be somewhat ineffectual, since many of its member states are flagrant abusers of human rights.

But this may be changing. Reuters reports that the UN is setting up a Human Rights Council—of which only some of its member states may be a member.

Will Saudi Arabia care if it’s not invited into the Human Rights Council? Will Zimbabwe? Will this serve as pressure to those nations to change their policies? Will it potentially divide what is intended to be united?

Why did the United States vote against the proposal?

We’ll see.


Anonymous David Russell said...

The reason the US voted against is that the Bush administration wishes to deny the existence of any authority higher than itself, despite the fact that the US Constitution (which Bush referred to as a 'damned piece of paper') recognizes international law as supreme.

3:48 PM  

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