Friday, February 24, 2006

Redirect Yahoo Surfers with this Script!

This ingenius little script came to me via Delirio & Kaos, and I must admit I'm impressed.

Here's what it will do: If someone uses Yahoo!'s search engine to find your blog, the link from Yahoo! will take them to their requested page, but it will put a table at the top of the page that explains how Yahoo! is helping China put cyber-dissidents in jail, and it offers a passive invitation to find out more and take part in the boycott.

Note: I'm *not* using it on this site, as it would be redundant. But to see an example, do a Yahoo search for "Meat of the Matter" and click on the first link. That blog is using this code, and you'll see what it does.

Blogger won't allow some of the following code to appear in the body of a blog posting, so please follow these simple instructions:

1. Copy the following code:

2. Then go to this site: and paste the code into the field, and click "decode."

3. Copy the code again into your blog template just below the "body" tag (except it has <> around it instead of quotes). Save, and you're good to go!

Thanks Delirium & Kaos!


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