Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Yahoo! Notified of 500 Petitioners

Well, 503 to be exact. The spreadsheet has been sent to David Filo and Jerry Yang with the following letter:

Dear Mr. Yang and Mr. Filo,

Attached please find a spreadsheet of 500 people who have signed the petition on www.booyahoo.com. These people have all publicly stated that they are boycotting the use of some or all of Yahoo's services as a direct result of the abuses to the rights of humans that Yahoo! has taken part in.

For a company that has millions and millions of subscribers, 500 people might seem a trifle. But these 500 people are all actively angry at Yahoo's actions, and are actively involved in alerting others. Imagine a large auditorium filled with 500 people who are angry at what your company has done, and have refused to use your services. What would you say to them? I certainly hope you would not relegate their concerns to an auto-reponse engine that searches for key words in the complaint and spits out an irrelevant and illogical reply. That is what has happened in the past, and it has only helped to nurture our ill feelings toward your organization.

Yahoo's Chief Council, Michael Callahan, was recently quoted as saying, "We always reserve the right to get better."

Speaking on behalf of 500 petitioners, Mr. Yang and Mr. Filo, I'd like to ask that you exercise that right.

Get better, Yahoo!. Change your policy that dictates how Yahoo! response to requests for identities of your anonymous users from oppressive governments--especially when those governments have a history of using the information you give them to imprison people merely for dissagreeing with a local government.


Blogger LJAB said...

Wow, I had no idea about this, glad I came across your blog. Will be posting a link.

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