Monday, January 23, 2006

Daily Update

The battle rages on between Google and the Justice Department.

Google has the dubious honor of owning and maintaining the largest database in the world--a database holding every search request ever made by its customers. Google is doing the right thing by fighting the feds, as this data (contrary to Yahoo!'s opinion) will reveal personal information. The reason Google has this info is to do their job more competitively. Should Google be forced to turn it over, they should destroy it instead. We'll see what happens.

In Other News

Jesus General has written an insightful letter to Yahoo! in his inimitable style. Mr. General, I salute you! Be sure to read the comments of the General's posting. There are some very humorous bits in there!


Blogger Karl said...

Don't forget:

Google's gmail is great.

Make the switch and feel better, too!

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Daniel said...

LOL. I'd love to see the expression on the Feds faces as Google is dragged thru the courts only for them to explain, "um... sorry, there was a fire at the warehouse and the earth's largest database was, um, well, um d-d-destroyed."

Oh, let it be!


1:40 PM  

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