Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Another Petition

Julien Pain of "Reporters Without Borders" has asked me to help gain support of their petition regarding the recommendations, below. I'm happy to comply.

Please note! This petition is in French! Fear not, however, as this process is still very simple. First, read my post below to make sure you agree with the initiative, and would like to help support it. (More details are in the link below if you want them.)

If you would like to participate, go to

In the field next to "Votre nom ou pseudo," type your name.
In the field next to "Votre adresse email," type your e-mail address.
Below that, in the field next to "Nom de votre site Web," type the name of your website, if you have one.
In the field next to "Adresse de votre site" (it has an http:// in it), type the URL of your website, if you have one.

Then you will get an e-mail (also in French), which is intended to validate your signature. Make sure you click on the link at the bottom of the e-mail to verify.

Thanks for signing! This is a very exciting initiative. Everyone signature helps.


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